We are a full service motorcycle repair facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico, offering original equipment (O.E.M.), and aftermarket parts and accessories at very competitive rates.  We can often beat on-line pricing please call and do a price comparison. We can help you with all your motorcycle needs from basic maintenance and tire services to carburetors, suspension, electrical and fuel injection to entire engine replacement.  At J & D Cycle we are dedicated to outstanding customer service and quality repairs. We want to to help our customers ride safely. 
2517 Quincy Street NE Suite F  Albuquerque,NM 87110
(505) 263-8227    jdcyclenm@yahoo.com
J & D Cycle has always been concerned about the safety of our customers.  Every motorcycle that comes through our shop gets a safety inspection.  We want to make sure when you leave, if we see a problem, like brake pads that are worn thin or worn out, that you know about it and can make arrangements to get the issue fixed.  Leaky fork seals can create braking issues as well.  We want to help you maintain your bike so you don't have equipment failure on the road. There are new riders all the time and sometimes they don't know what to look for.  We also look for the things that might not be so noticeable, like worn out chain and sprockets.
We encourage all of our customers to wear their safety gear everytime they ride.  Helmets are an important part of safety gear.  This little guy is starting good habits that will work well for him when he gets his first motorcycle.
Insurance and Collision Repair
In the unfortunate event that you do have an accident, including the parking lot tip overs, J & D Cycle is completely prepared to help you through the entire insurance claims process.  That starts with a police report if necessary, filing a claim, getting an adjuster assigned to your claim and having an appraiser assess the damage.  This includes your motorcycle and any safety gear your were wearing.
During this process we provide indoor storage and a common place for the appraiser to see the motorcycle without disrupting your day.  When the appraiser arrives, we have already looked your bike over to make sure they see all the damage, so you don't have problems after the repair.  
J & D Cycle is the expert in your corner.  We work for you, not the insurance company.  Our job is to advise you, if you have questions, keep you informed, and finally repair your motorcycle to pre-existing condition.  

Visit our one-stop Shop
At J & D Cycle, our philosophy is to treat every customer as they are our only customer.  If you have a problem with your bike that needs to be solved, we want to do that as cost effectively as possible.  We will not spend your money without your permission.
We don't have combined experience, we have actual experience.  The owner, Doug Hodgman, started with motorcycles in 1974, when he bought his first Kawasaki G3TR 90cc dirt bike, with his  saved up paper route money.
With our community mindfulness, J & D Cycle is always at your service.  We shop locally to support our community.  We often can beat Internet pricing, because we will work with your needs and help you buy the best product available suited to your riding style.  We want you to get the maximum performance for your dollar.   
Our facility is 2200 square feet.  We specialize in sport bikes, and work on metrics, cruisers, Harley's and vintage motorcycles.  We can assist you with all of your motorcycle needs.  Give us a call, you might be pleasantly surprised!
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